Type 1 Diabetes

Would you like support to manage your Type 1 Diabetes?

When you have Type 1 Diabetes, particularly when you are first diagnosed, it is important that you have advice on your insulin provided by a multidisciplinary team at your local hospital or community service.  

However I am able to provide advice and support for carbohydrate counting and healthy lifestyle to help you become more confident about looking after yourself with Type 1 Diabetes.


Topics include what care to expect, understanding how your insulin, food, activity and other lifestyle factors interact to affect your blood glucose and how to eat to reduce the risk of long term complications of diabetes.

If you would like to be more confident with Carbohydrate Counting, I can provide a practical session on working out how much carbohydrate you are eating and also other factors in your meals such as glycaemic index, fat and protein can affect your blood glucose.

When you have Type 1 diabetes, I recommend that your initial session is 90 minutes so that we have more time to discuss all of the factors that may be affecting your blood glucose.

If you are interested in practical coaching to make dietary changes to improve your health and blood glucose control, my 6 week understanding eating 1:1 course can also be adapted to your requirements. 


* Please note that this service is complementary to your normal NHS diabetes care. If you are feeling unwell, you should contact your GP surgery or NHS 111 for advice.

** As I dietitian I am well qualified and experienced to discuss how your medication works with your food and lifestyle. However any changes to your insulin doses need to be made in consultation with the health professional who has prescribed this medication, usually a doctor or prescribing specialist nurse.

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