Relative and Carer Training

Do you support someone with Diabetes, Heart Disease or another condition that can benefit from healthy changes to diet and lifestyle? Do you find it difficult to filter the large amount of conflicting information available and know how best to support someone to make changes that work for them?


A private video education session with an experienced Dietitian will give you the opportunity to have all your questions answered at a time and place to suit you. Topics discussed might include which changes are proven to work, what influences someone's ability to follow dietary advice and how to support them to make good changes.

Please note that this will be a custom education session on the condition, it's dietary treatment and how to support someone living with the condition. To provide individual dietetic advice and treatment for someone it is necessary for them to complete a health questionnaire and consent forms and be present for the consultation. With their consent a relative or carer can also be present for the consultation.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements. 

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