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My name is Paula Gallon and I have worked as a NHS Dietitian for over 13 years, helping people make changes that work for them. My main area of specialisation is Diabetes, but I also have an interest in helping people, both with and without diabetes, make healthy lifestyle changes whether they wish to lose weight or improve their health without worrying about what the scales say.

I believe changes should be practical and fit in with your lifestyle and family, and that you shouldn't have to stop doing the things that you enjoy. But you need the information to make the right choices for you and advice should be based on the evidence for what works. Diabetes Specialist Dietitians are trained to look at the scientific evidence on diet and lifestyle and translate it into straight forward, practical advice that works.

Prediabetes or  Type 2 Diabetes.

A new diagnosis of Prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes can be a confusing time, and even if  you have had your Diabetes for some time it can be challenging to keep up to date and remain motivated. There is so much conflicting information out there, and it is difficult to know the right changes to make. Understand what a diagnosis means, what care you should expect and what diet and lifestyle changes have been proven to work can help you to make changes that work for you.

Personalised Healthy Lifestyle

Sometimes trying to make healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle can leave you feeling frustrated, confused about what changes you should make and guilty for wanting to do the things you enjoy. Would you like to try a new approach where you find out more about what works for you as an individual? Then a Personalised Healthy Lifestyle session might be just the thing for you.

Heart Health

If you have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, raised blood pressure or cholesterol than you are likely to have been advised to make healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle. A consultation with a Dietitian can help you to understand what changes have been proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and how these can work in partnership with the treatment provided by your doctor.