Existing Type 2 Diabetes

Have you had your Type 2 diabetes diagnosis for some time?

When you have had your diabetes for some years, there can be many challenges. Sometimes it can be difficult to remain motivated with healthy diet and lifestyle, or you may even be suffering from diabetes burnout; feeling disillusioned and frustrated to the point that you have been ignoring your health.


Or perhaps you just want an update on what is new since you last had advice from a Dietitian. An initial consultation will provide an update on Type 2 diabetes, where we will discuss what Type 2 diabetes is, what care you should expect, and how to make changes that will really make a difference to your health.

You might be on a number of different medications, without really understanding how they work with your diet and lifestyle. Sometimes it can feel like you are have to eat more, and more often than you would like, causing you to gain weight.


Perhaps you have been told the next step is insulin and would like to know if you can avoid this or how it would fit in with your life.

If you are already taking insulin, you might have been told that weight gain is inevitable, or that you must eat in a way that doesn’t suit your lifestyle. 

In an initial diet and insulin consultation, we will discuss how the body’s natural insulin works with the carbohydrate foods you eat, how the insulin you are taking works, and how to eat to control your blood glucose, and avoid weight gain**.

Or perhaps you would like a consultation on carbohydrate foods, where we discuss what they are and how they affect your blood glucose. There is also the option of a more detailed session about what approaches have evidence for improving your health and reducing the long term complications of diabetes.

Note on Video Consultations:  Some people feel concerned about video consultations as a means of communication, but it has a number of advantages. It is completely Covid safe and allows you to speak to an experienced dietitian from the comfort of your own home, without travel, at a time to suit you. If you have not used this method before I can allow a little extra time for the first consultation to talk you through the process, and I have found that anyone with access to a computer or tablet quickly gets the hang of it. Download a quick guide to video consultations here or feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


* Please note that this service is complementary to your normal NHS diabetes care. If you are feeling unwell, you should contact your GP surgery or NHS 111 for advice.

** As I dietitian I am well qualified and experienced to discuss how your medication works with your food and lifestyle. However any changes to your oral medications or insulin doses need to be made in consultation with the health professional who has prescribed this medication, usually a doctor or prescribing specialist nurse.