I will help you gain the knowledge and confidence to understand food, improve your health and enjoy life. 

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Specialising in Diabetes, Heart Health and Personalised Healthy Living.

About Paula

My name is Paula Gallon and I have worked as a NHS Dietitian for over 13 years, helping people make changes that work for them. My main area of specialisation is Diabetes and Heart Health, but I also have an interest in helping people, both with and without diabetes, make personalised healthy lifestyle changes whether they wish to lose weight or improve their health without worrying about what the scales say.

I believe changes should be practical and fit in with your lifestyle and family, and that you shouldn't have to stop doing the things that you enjoy.

But you need the information to make the right choices for you, and advice should be based on the best evidence for what works. 

Dietitians are trained to look at the scientific evidence on diet and lifestyle and translate it into straight forward, practical advice that works. 

I am currently offering online video consultations in the comfort of your own home. 


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