Paula Gallon Dietitian

I am an experienced Dietitian currently offering support for Diabetes, Heart Health, Nutrition Support and Personalised Healthy Lifestyle 

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About Paula


My name is Paula Gallon and I am a HCPC registered dietitian. I have worked in the NHS for 14 years, most recently as a Diabetes Specialist Dietitian, helping people make changes that work for them.


My main area of specialisation is Diabetes including diabetes prevention, type 2 diabetes and heart health. I can help you to understand your condition and its treatment, and what changes to your diet and lifestyle will work for you.


I also specialise in body positive approaches to diet and lifestyle including intuitive eating and health at every size. If you have found that restrictive diet and exercise programs have left you tired and disillusioned, I can support you to make personalised healthy lifestyle changes that work for you. I also offer a 6 week 1:1 Understanding Eating Program customised to your interests. 


I can also help you if you have lost weight and would like advice on healthy ways to regain it.

I believe changes should be practical and fit in with your lifestyle and family, and that you shouldn't have to stop doing the things that you enjoy. But you need the information to make the right choices for you, and advice should be based on the best evidence for what works. 

Dietitians are trained to look at the scientific evidence on diet and lifestyle and translate it into straight forward, practical advice that works. 

I am currently offering online video consultations in the comfort of your own home. 

Note on Video Consultations:  Some people feel concerned about video consultations as a means of communication, but it has a number of advantages. It is completely Covid safe and allows you to speak to an experienced dietitian from the comfort of your own home, without travel, at a time to suit you. If you have not used this method before I can allow a little extra time for the first consultation to talk you through the process, and I have found that anyone with access to a computer or tablet quickly gets the hang of it. Download a quick guide to video consultations here or feel free to contact me if you have any questions.